My Websites

My largest website is Eclectic Energies, multi-language, informative site about life energy and psychology. I designed and developed it myself (with some help from others). I wrote the lion's share of the text, and made all photos.

The site contains a translation of the I Ching, that I made from the original ancient Chinese. Especially the tests on the site, that help you get insight into your personality (chakra test and enneagram test) are very popular. Every day, more than 15,000 people visit the site.

My latest addition to the site is a chatbot, that acts as a psychotherapist.

Eclectic Energies


I have a Dutch language blog about psychology and the unconscious.

Informational site

My last bigger project is a website about the optical quality of glasses (Dutch).

Personal website

My personal website is about several creative things I do or have done.